You Can Do Kelee Meditation Anywhere

Kelee meditation is a practice you can do anywhere.

Kelee meditation is a practice that you can do anywhere. It is a five-minute practice that is simple, yet, because of the anatomy of the kelee, profound.

We recommend doing this practice twice daily, once in the morning, and once in the evening—that’s when it’s most effective.

It is easy to incorporate this meditation into your everyday lifestyle, you can do this practice wherever you are—work, home, outside, in your car. I just try and find a place where no one will start talking to me.

In fact, as you meditate consistently, your mind gains strength, and it becomes easier to do your practice anywhere.

Ron W. Rathbun founder of Kelee meditation comments on this,
“Find a comfortable place to do your meditation, but do not restrict doing your practice to your favorite place. If you feel secure meditating only in your sanctuary, it will become a ritual and limit your ability to practice anywhere. A routine is good as long as it is not limiting.”

It is important, (probably more so when starting out) to have a quiet space where no one will disturb you. Students who begin Kelee meditation often say that outside noise is their biggest distraction from having a good meditation practice.

Ron W. Rathbun assures us that this will change over time,
“The biggest distraction while meditating will be noise. When you can detach from sense consciousness in a noisy place your mind gains strength and becomes more focused. As you progress in letting go of your senses, you will be able to do your practice almost anywhere.”

You can learn how to do Kelee meditation from this simple manual, Kelee Meditation, Free your Mind available from our partners at Amazon for $2.99.

Quotes & photograph used by permission from Author & KM founder, Ron W. Rathbun

Meditation is a simple way to improve your eye health

Meditation and eye health. Eye health tips on how to improve eye health and have healthy eyes with meditation to relieve tension in the optic nerve.

Meditation and Eye Health

Our eyes are part of our whole body system. What we do to our bodies, we do to our eyes. Meditating reduces tension in the body and the nervous system. Tension in the nervous system, is tension felt on the optic nerves.  Tensing our optic nerves can lead to poor eye health and disease over time. Simply meditating to reduce body tension can encourage good eye health.

Meditation opens up the mind-body connection—our mind can affect our body’s tension. Kelee® meditation can open your mind to relieve tension in the body and relax the nervous system, including the optic nerve system.

Ron W. Rathbun, author and founder of Kelee meditation wisely says, “There are two ways to see, with the physical eyes and with the mind. The mind has the power to to improve eye health by relieving tension that adversely affects optic nerve changing the focal length and making your physical eyes unclear. If you would like to reverse this process, Kelee meditation will directly help your eye health by relieving tension at the source, thereby improving your vision in your eyes.”

Kelee meditation is a simple meditation with profound results. It is a five minute meditation, but very precise. The word Kelee is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning, “point hunter”.

Doing this simple meditation brings you to a still point in your greater Kelee, which calms the physical body and the nervous system. It is an easy mediation to learn by following the instructions in Kelee® Mediation, Free your Mind. 

So take these simple steps and improve your eye health. It is an easy way to help yourself, starting right now.

You can download the book now for $2.99 on Amazon.

Nikki Walsh has practiced Kelee meditation for over fifteen years. She has worked in medicine and is currently a blogger and lifestyle writer.

How Kelee Meditation Can Improve Your Heart Health

Our emotional heart can affect our physical heart—this is our mind-body connection.

Our emotional well-being can change by what is going on in our personal relationships. Studies show that what is going on in your personal life can significantly affect your physical body, including your heart health.

Ron W. Rathbun, author and the founder of Kelee® meditation agrees. He asks, “Have you ever heard the phrases, “My heart just sank” or “My heart is heavy”? When this happens, emotions can affect your physical heart.”

Everyone feels stress—and it is known that stress over time can cause poor heart health. The mind-body connection, the emotional connection to the physical body is very real—and there’s a way to reduce the effects of emotion and stress on the body.

By calming the emotions of the mind, we can calm the reaction to the body and improve our physical heart health. Ron states this wisely, “With Kelee meditation, the mind can calm stress on command. When you pay attention, you will notice that when your heart is warm with beautiful emotion, your physical heart feels healthier.”

Kelee meditation is a simple yet powerful way to heart health. This practice takes 5 minutes to do and drops you in your greater Kelee—where your emotional heart is. Have you ever had the feeling of emotion well up from inside you? To learn Kelee meditation you can purchase or download this easy instruction manual today.

Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind
    Download for $2.99 on Amazon.