Begin your day with a calm mind …

Begin your day with a calm mind …

A good way to be
about everything
that makes life worth living.
Is not a calm mind each morning
a fine place to start your day.
How do you start your day,
calm or frantic.
- Ron W. Rathbun

This quote is taken from, The Mind and Self-Reflection by Ron W. Rathbun. This book is about learning to read with your mind. To understand your mind, you must understand how your conscious awareness operates. Your conscious awareness is who is reading these words right now. It is a term that describes how consciously aware you are in each given moment.

The Mind and Self-Reflection offers a new way to learn. If you practice this new way of understanding your mind, it will change the way you learn about your life and how you feel about yourself in a profoundly beautiful way.

Kelee meditation is a way to start your day with a calm mind. It takes five minutes to do this meditation. You can learn Kelee meditation from this ebook for $2.99 on Amazon. How do you start your day …

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Self-care, a good way to handle stress …

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that one of the best ways to handle stress during tough times is through self-care.

Ron W. Rathbun, meditation teacher and founder of the non-profit organization,, gently says these words to many students, time and time again.

All the thoughts and negative chatter that come up when dealing with stressful life situations may keep us from feeling good enough to care for ourselves.

KeleeĀ® meditation is a way to self-care. Doing this practice over time lessens our negative brain chatter. A simple meditation to learn, yet, shown to be powerful and effective against stress in a medical study. Take this time. What is more important than feeling good about caring for yourself …

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