How Kelee Meditation Can Improve Your Heart Health

Our emotional heart can affect our physical heart—this is our mind-body connection. Our emotional well-being can change by what is going on in our personal relationships. Studies show that what is going on in your personal life can significantly affect your physical body, including your heart health.  Ron W. Rathbun, author and the founder of Kelee® meditation agrees. He asks, “Have you ever heard the phrases, “My heart just sank” or “My heart is heavy”? When this happens, emotions can affect your physical heart.”

Everyone feels stress—and it is known that stress over time can cause poor heart health. The mind-body connection, the emotional connection to the physical body is very real—and there’s a way to reduce the effects of emotion and stress on the body.  By calming the emotions of the mind, we can calm the reaction to the body and improve our physical heart health. Ron states this wisely, “With Kelee meditation, the mind can calm stress on command. When you pay attention, you will notice that when your heart is warm with beautiful emotion, your physical heart feels healthier.”

Kelee meditation is a simple yet powerful way to heart health. This practice takes 5 minutes to do and drops you in your greater Kelee—where your emotional heart is. Have you ever had the feeling of emotion well up from inside you? To learn Kelee meditation you can purchase or download this easy instruction manual today.

Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind
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Help is On The Way for Everyday Stress …

Everyone experiences everyday stress. According to the APA’s Stress in America study, nearly 70% of Americans experience physical and mental symptoms of stress, but only 37% think they are doing very well at managing stress.

Help is on the way for everyday stress, and it’s validated. In a new form of meditation based on ancient principles. A medical study at the highly regarded UC San Diego Medical Center proved with statistical significance that Kelee® meditation reduces stress in a clinical medical study. In fact, the nurses are practicing Kelee meditation too! A study, currently in progress with nurses and job stress is currently underway.

Learn Kelee meditation today and over time begin to dissolve everyday stress. The $2.99 ebook, Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind, can be purchased on Amazon. It is a step-by-step guide to learning KM. Begin to free your mind today.

everyday stress kelee meditation Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind


Kelee Meditation Helps Medicine: One of Many Ways

Kelee® meditation helps medicine. One of the many ways will be at the upcoming United States AIDS Conference (USAC) in San Diego. “The USCA is the largest AIDS-related gathering in the U.S. bringing together thousands of workers from all fronts — physicians, case managers, public health workers and advocates, to exchange the latest information and learn cutting-edge tools to address the challenges of AIDS,” according to the AETC National Resource Center website.

Dr. Daniel Lee, from UC San Diego Health Systems, will be leading a workshop, Redefining Health and Quality of Life: Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Through Troubleshooting the Mind with Kelee® Meditation. He will be reviewing the results from the KM medical study that showed a statistically significant reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression in a patient population.

Currently, Dr. Lee is collaborating on a Kelee meditation nurses study, lead by Paige Burston, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, helping nurses with the stressors that come with their job. This study is also in the UC San Diego Health System.

Begin to help yourself, learn Kelee meditation today. Kelee meditation is a natural treatment that over time will begin to dissolve your stress, anxiety, and depression. The ebook, Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind, can be purchased on Amazon for $2.99. It is a step-by-step guide to learning KM. Begin to free your mind today.

kelee meditation Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind