The Kelee meditation medical study in everyday terms.

kelee meditation medical study
This medical study looked to see if Kelee meditation really works to help people feel better.

Here are some basics of the medical study answered in everyday terms.

What did this study measure?
It measured how people felt.

How stressed they felt.
How anxious they felt.
How depressed they felt.

How long did the study last?
12 weeks

What did the study group do?
They did Kelee meditation both together and on their own—two times a day for 12 weeks.

What was the result?
The results showed that doing kelee meditation twice a day helps you feel better.

The results were “statistically significant”. I know this is a big word, but what does it mean? If scientific results are statistically significant it means that what you set out to prove, worked. The results are relevent and valid.

The people who participated in the Kelee meditation medical study felt less stress, anxiety and depression at the end of the study.

This is what Kelee meditation does when practiced consistently.
It helps you to feel better.

How real are these results?
The study was done by Dr. Daniel Lee of University of California, San Diego Medical Center. The study protocol was approved by the UCSD IRB board.